Carry On Australian Daybill Movie Posters

Carry On Australian Daybill Movie Posters have become highly sought after in recent years. The Carry On series of British Comedy films commenced in the late 1950s with Carry On Sergeant and continued through to the late 70s. 
Each film followed a simple low budget formula with many of the actors regularly reappearing. The main stalwarts were Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Kenneth Connor, Charles Hawtrey and Hattie Jacques but many of the most popular British comedy actors appeared in the films.
The salaries of the stars were comparatively very low. The two main stars of the franchise, Kenneth Williams and Sid James received a maximum of just £5,000 for their starring roles and sometimes considerably less. Surprisingly, one of the highest salaries for Carry on films was paid to Elke Sommer who received in the region of £30,000 for her performance in Carry On Behind.


The double entendre was always a feature of the films along with some saucy titillation that never passed the line of "good clean fun". Carry On Australian Daybill Movie Posters are becoming increasingly more difficult to find, particularly for the earlier titles. The artwork generally features wonderful caricatures of the cast and the format is popular because it is easy to display. 


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