SORE IN THE SADDLE Lobby Card 3 Jack Palance Timothy Brent Tedeum

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RARE original Australian lobby card 11" x 14" fine – very fine condition (See enlarged photo).


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Tedeum (released in English-speaking countries in 1974 as "Father Jack-Leg", "The Sting of the West", and "Sore in the Saddle") 1972 Directed by Enzo G. Castellari Italian/Spanish cowboy spaghetti western comedy

Starring Jack Palance (in the title role as Father Jack-Leg), Giancarlo Prete (billed as "Timothy Brent"; in the title role as Tedeum), Lionel Stander, Francesca Romana Coluzzi, Eduardo Fajardo, and Renzo Palmer

"A good shepherd always fleeces his lambs! Jack-Leg 1:1"; "Jack-Leg noun. 1. a thief who steals by deceit. 2. con man."; "Con Man - Swindler - Chicken Thief! When it came to stealing he forged the book!"; "He sold Custer his last stand!"; "He plucked the women and bilked the men!"; "Big or small they get them all!"



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