THE LOST MISSILE Original Daybill Movie Poster Sci Fi

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Original Australian daybill approx 13" x 30", very good – fine condition, minor edge wear (see enlarged photo).


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The Lost Missile (1958)

Directed by William Berke.

With Robert Loggia

The Lost Missile is a 1958 science fiction film which was originally slated to be directed by William A. Berke, who also executive produced the film. The screenplay was co-written by John McPartland and the longtime science-fiction writer Jerome Bixby, and starred a young Robert Loggia. When William Berke suddenly died as filming was set to begin, his son Lester Wm. Berke took over the direction.
A low-budget film that relied heavily on stock footage of military forces and civil defense exercises, it carried a Cold War-era message of the importance of the work done by scientists and the military in protecting the nation from external threats.
The concept of the atomic-powered cruise missile doomsday weapon was similar to that of the U.S. Air Force's 1957's Project Pluto.



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