THE GREEN PROMISE Daybill Movie poster RKO Marguerite Chapman Walter Brennan

Price: AUD $99.99

EXCEPTIONALLY RARE Original Australian daybill 13″ x 30″ folded as issued very good – fine condition.
NOTE: RKO daybills from this era were nearly always printed with artwork extending to the edges of the poster – usually with just one white lower border. They are genuinely rare posters and distinctive for their striking hand litho art.


The Green Promise (1949)

Directed by William D. Russell.

With Marguerite Chapman, Walter Brennan, Robert Paige

The Green Promise is a 1948 American film directed by William D. Russell. The film was co-produced by Houston oilman Glenn McCarthy and leading man Robert Paige to display the concept and meaning of the 4-H Club and highlight farming issues such as soil erosion, government programs, and individual enterprise.



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