2000 WEEKS 1969 Rare Australian Film One sheet Movie Poster

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RARE AS HENS TEETH!! Original Country of Origin Australian One sheet Movie Poster 27" x 40" fine – very fine condition (see scan).


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2000 Weeks (1969)

Directed by Tim Burstall.

With Mark McManus, Jeanie Drynan, Eileen Chapman, David Turnbull, Michael Duffield, Stephen Dattner, Bruce Anderson, Dominic Ryan, Nicholas McCallum, Anne Charleston, Graeme Blundell

2000 Weeks is a 1969 Australian drama film directed by Tim Burstall.
Paul Byrnes from the NFSA comments: "2000 Weeks was one of the first features of the modern era in Australian cinema, after decades in which almost the only productions were British and American films in search of exotic locales. ... There was an intense desire amongst a few people to restart an Australian film industry, and Burstall was one of the leaders. Indeed, he made nationalist artistic longings the main theme of the film, although it didn’t help the film’s reception. It was booed when it screened at the 1970 Sydney Film Festival and damned by some influential critics. The box office was poor and Burstall became determined to make films for a wide commercial audience, rather than an art-house few. Many of these later films, starting with Stork and Alvin Purple, were great popular successes."



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