NIGHT OF ADVENTURE Lobby Card 3 Tom Conway Film Noir

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Original US Lobby Card 11" x 14", very good condition censor stamp added (see enlarged photo).


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A Night of Adventure (1944)

Directed by Gordon Douglas.

With Tom Conway, Audrey Long, Edward Brophy, Louis Borell, Addison Richards, Jean Brooks and Nancy Gates.

infidelity romantic love triangle courtroom trial lawyer legal crime murder thriller

"The Studio murder mystery!"

"A new suspense sensation...with every clue pointing to a different killer...while you alone know who fired the fatal bullet!"; "The killer's glove... it fits 2 men! The death gun... it bore the wrong prints! The victim... who loved too well!"

This is the story of a lawyer assigned to defend an accused murderer, but only to discover that the man is having an affair with his wife. He still defends him, and not only gets him acquitted, but avoids having anyone learn of the scandal.



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