SENORITA FROM THE WEST Original Daybill Movie Poster Bonita Granville Allan Jones

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Original Australian Daybill Movie poster approximately 13" x 30" folded as issued, very good – fine condtion, three additional creases, minor fold wear (see enlarged photo for condition).


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Senorita from the West (1945)

Directed by Frank R. Strayer.

With Allan Jones, Bonita Granville, Jess Barker, George Cleveland

Jeannie Blake (Bonita Granville) is an aspiring singer living in the desert with her three gold-prospecting guardians, Dusty ('Oscar OShea), Rosebud (Fuzzy Knight) and Cap ('George Cleveland'). She leaves for New York in order to get a job and pay back her three guardians but doesn't know they have found gold and are holding it in trust for her. She gets a job as an elevator girl at a radio station and meets Phil Bradley (Allan Jones) whose singing voice is used for that of Tim Winters (Jess Barker), the current heart-throb of the airwaves who can't sing at all. Winters also finds out that Jeannie has wealth and proceeds to convince her he is in love with her. The three rustic guardians show up, expose Winters for the fraud he is and Jeannie realizes she is really in love with Phil, who also replaces Winters as the station's singer.



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