BRINGING UP FATHER Daybill Movie poster Jiggs and Maggie

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Original 1950s release Australian daybill 13" x 30" folded as issued, very good – fine condition.


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Bringing Up Father (1946)

Directed by Edward F. Cline.

With Joe Yule, Renie Riano, Tim Ryan, June Harrison

When Blue Book society matron, Mrs. F. Newton Kermishaw (Laura Treadwell), approaches Maggie Jiggs (Renie Riano) for help in getting an "undesirable" tenant evicted from their swank apartment house, the undesired tenant turns out to be Jiggs (Joe Yule), Maggie's husband. Danny (Wallace Chadwell), the nephew of saloon owner Dinty Moore (Tim Ryan,has designed a modern replacement for the old buildings on 10th Avenue, where Dinty's saloon is located, and Mr. F. Newton Kermishaw (Ferris Taylor), wants to acquire the property involved and has his wife, who blinds social-climber Maggie with her exalted position, push a petition which will condemn the valuable, but slummy, property. Jiggs, unaware of where the property is, gets Dinty and habituates of his bar - Fogarty (George Hickman), Grogharty (Dick Ryan), Murphy (Tom Kennedy) and McGurk (Jimmy Aubrey, as well as bartenders Tom (Fred Kelsey)and Jerry (Mike Donovan)to sign the petition. When they discover what the property is and that the petition also includes a pledge to stop drinking, Jiggs becomes an outcast.



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