HERMAN BRIX Autograph 8 x 10 Photo #1

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Authentic Herman Brix Autographed Black and White Movie Still Photo 8" x 10".


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Harold Herman Brix aka Bruce Bennett

Hernan Brix was a talented footballer and track and field athlete. He won the silver medal in the shot put at the 1928 Olympic Games. He moved to Los Angeles in 1929 after being invited to compete for the Los Angeles Athletic Club and befriended actor Douglas Fairbanks Jr., who arranged a screen test for him at Paramount. Eventually, he picked up the role of Tarzan in the New Adventures of Tarzan serial. He changed his name to Bruce Bennett in 1939 worried that he would be typecast as Tarzan and went on to make many more films and TV shows through to the early 80s. He died in 2007 at the ripe old age of 100.



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