JUDITH Daybill Movie Poster Charles Peter Finch Sophia Loren

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RARE Original hand litho Australian daybill 13" x 30" folded as issued, fine – very fine condition.


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Judith (1966)

Directed by Daniel Mann.

With Sophia Loren, Peter Finch, Jack Hawkins, Hans Verner

In Palestine in 1948, the British prepare to end their Mandate, leaving an independent Israel behind. The problems of the British may be ending but for the new state of Israel they're just beginning. Israel is surrounded by hostile Arab nations and must fight to defend itself from aggression. The Israeli defense force, the Haganah, has received intelligence that Arab forces, Syria in particular, are employing former German Panzer commander General Gustav Schiller to train them in tank tactics against Israel. The Israelis also learn that General Schiller's wife, Judith Auerbach Schiller, is a Jewish woman who was betrayed by her husband and was left to die in a concentration camp. Judith has survived the camp and is searching for her husband to exact revenge and to locate their son. The Haganah decides to find Judith and use her knowledge in order to locate the general, positively identify him and make him reveal the Syrian attack plans. Judith is smuggled into Israel and hidden in a kibbutz under the care of Haganah commander Aaron Stein. Life in the kibbutz is not easy for Judith, work is hard, safety is not guaranteed and she grows impatient and frustrated. Haganah leaders suggest to her that the British may have a file on her husband, like on most war criminals, and it may contain his latest whereabouts. However, this means Judith may have to ingratiate herself with the local British commander, Major Lawton, who has access to the files. When Major Lawton finally succumbs to the charms of sensual Judith he hands over the file to her. Unfortunately, General Gustav Schiller's last whereabouts are in Damascus, Syria. The Israeli intelligence team decides to go into the lion's den and try to capture the German General. Judith is asked to go along with the team, in order to identify the General, but she is only thinking of revenge.



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