PIX Magazine May 28 1966 Plunge Battle in Paris

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PIX Magazine, very good condition for its age, minor wear. 
NOTE: Single Magazines will be sent rolled in a tube to ensure the safest possible delivery. Multiple orders of magazines can be flat packed.

PIX was read by millions in Australia at the height of its popularity in the 60s and 70s, featuring a uniquely Australian mix of scandal, sensationalism, human-interest stories, fashion, politics, culture and entertainment usually with a girl next door in a bikini on the cover.

One of its best features is its focus on Australiana, with pages of Aussie jokes and cartoons by Eric Jolliffe and others along with international cartoons like Dagwood. The crossword puzzle was a familiar favourite in every issue.

Pix and People were so similar that that the magazines actually merged in 1971.

Following on the coat tails of the sexual revolution in the late 60s and 70s, Pix became more daring with their covers and content, often running stories focused on adultery, hedonism and nudity.
Although potentially offensive to some in these more politically correct times, these publications are indicative of a very different world still coming to terms with massive political and cultural changes.


PIX magazines from the 1960s are quite rare.



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