ALVIN PURPLE Original 3 sheet Movie Poster Graeme Blundell

Price: AUD $250.00

EXCEPTIONALLY RARE Country of Origin Original Australian Original 3 sheet approx 41" x 80" in three pieces folded as issued fine – very fine condition.


Alvin Purple aka The Sex Therapist (1973)

Directed by Tim Burstall.

With Graeme Blundell, Abigail, Lynette Curran, Christine Amor, Jackie Weaver, Jill Forster

The film is a sex-farce which follows the misadventures of a naïve young Melbourne man Alvin Purple, whom women find irresistible. Working in door to door sales, Alvin (unsuccessfully) tries to resist legions of women who want him.
Alvin is so worn-out he seeks psychiatric help to solve his problems. His psychiatrist is, of course, a woman. Alvin ultimately falls in love with the one girl who doesn't throw herself at him. She becomes a nun, and Alvin ends up a gardener in the convent's gardens.



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