TAA Vickers Viscount Vintage Airline Travel Poster c.1950s

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TAA Advertising Poster c.1950s Vickers Viscount

EXCEPTIONALLY RARE Original Vintage TAA travel poster c.1950s approx 25" x 38" rolled, very good – fine condition, very slight foxing in places.


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Vickers Viscount VH-TVH

This aircraft was ordered new by Trans Australia Airlines and was built at the Vickers-Armstrong Hurn factory. First flight was May 03, 1956 and it arrived at Melbourne (Essendon) on completion of the delivery flight - June 03, 1956. The Flight crew was Capt Boyd; F/O Black; Navigator Stone; Radio Operator Hobbs and the aircraft was named 'George Bass'.

It was entered onto the Australian Aircraft Register as VH-TVH - June 03, 1956 and registered to Australian National Airlines Commission, Melbourne. It operated its first revenue service - June 23,1956.

This airraft set a speed record between Melbourne - Launceston of 51 minutes (Captain L. W. Manning) - June 27, 1956.

A speed record between Melbourne - Adelaideof 69 minutes (Captain L. Thrift) - September 09, 1956.

And another speed record between Hobart - Melbourneof 56 minutes (Captain J. Marshall) - April 04, 1957.

It operated its final revenue service - December30, 1968

Trans Australia Airlines or TAA (renamed Australian Airlines in 1986)

One of the two major Australian domestic airlines between its inception in 1946 and its sale to Qantas in September 1992. As a result of the "COBRA" (or Common Branding) project, the entire airline was rebranded Qantas about a year later with tickets stating in small print "Australian Airlines Limited trading as Qantas Airways Limited" until the adoption of a single Air Operator Certificate a few years later. At that point, the entire airline was officially renamed "Qantas Airways Limited" continuing the name and livery of the parent company with the only change being the change of by-line from "The Spirit of Australia" to "The Australian Airline" under the window line with the existing "Qantas" title appearing above.



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