QANTAS AIRWAYS 1950s Airline Travel poster Canada Moose

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Qantas Travel Poster Canada
'Australia's overseas airline in association with B.O.A.C. and TEAL', lithograph in colours showing a Canadian mountie with a silhouette of a Super Constellation to the top right corner, lithograph in colours, 'Printed in Australia by Posters Pty. Ltd.', circa 1960s, condition very good, staining around the top lh corner area 49.5cm. x 36.5cm.
Art by Harry Rogers


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Harry Rogers (b. 20 November 1929 – d.19 May 2012)

Harry Rogers studied Animation at UCLA California and this was reflected in his designs for many of the Qantas advertising posters from the 50s to the 70s. Many of his designs were geometric in style with a touch of art deco about them. The posters he designed usually had just a minimal amount of text and an enticing image for the country or region. Original Harry Rogers designed Qantas posters are becoming scarce and they are an important part of Qantas history. Their size makes them perfect for framing and display.



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