YELLOWSTONE KELLY Original Daybill Movie Poster Clint Walker Edd Byrnes


Original Australian Daybill Movie poster approximately 13" x 30" folded as issued, good – very good condition, the top rh corner was torn off but has been reattached with archival tape on the back (see enlarged photo for condition).


Yellowstone Kelly (1959)

Directed by Gordon Douglas.

With Clint Walker, Edd Byrnes, John Russell, Ray Danton

A fur-trapper named Kelly, who once saved the life of a Sioux chief, is allowed to set his traps in Sioux territory during the late 1870s. Reluctantly he takes on a tenderfoot assistant named Anse and together they give shelter to a runaway Arapaho woman. Tensions develop when Anse falls in love with this woman and when the Sioux chief arrives with his warriors to re-claim her.



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