UP PERISCOPE Original Daybill Movie poster James Garner Edmond O’Brien

Price: AUD $35.00

Original Australian daybill 13″ x 30″ folded as issued, very good – fine condition, someone has written the number 550 on the back of the poster in crayon but it does not show through.


Up Periscope (1959)

Directed by Gordon Douglas.

With James Garner, Edmond O’Brien, Andra Martin, Alan Hale, Jr.

Up Periscope is a 1959 World War II submarine film drama directed by Gordon Douglas and starring James Garner and Edmond O’Brien. The supporting cast features Andra Martin, Alan Hale, Jr., Edd Byrnes, Warren Oates and Saundra Edwards. The film was made in WarnerScope and Technicolor, distributed by Warner Bros., and produced by Aubrey Schenck. The film’s screenplay was written by Richard H. Landau and Robb White, having been adapted from White’s novel of the same name.
Garner called it “another piece of crap that Warner Bros stuck me in while I was under contract.”



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