THREE DOLLARS Australian One sheet Movie poster David Wenham

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Original Australian one sheet movie poster 27" x 40" rolled, very good condition (see scan), small chip out of lower rh corner. The poster has slight indentations where from storage.


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Three Dollars (2005)

Directed by Robert Connolly.

With Frances O'Connor, Sarah Wynter, David Wenham, Robert Menzies

Three Dollars is a 2005 Australian film, directed by Robert Connolly and based on a novel of the same name by Elliot Perlman. It won the 2005 Australian Film Institute Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.
The film and book tell the story of Eddie, a principled man with a seemingly stable and happy life. He has a wife, the academic Tanya, a daughter, Abby, is paying off a house and has a job as a government land assessor. Yet when the forces of economic and social change threaten this, he realises just how fragile his reality and security is. After losing his job, he checks his bank balance and realises he has only the 'three dollars' of the title to his name.
Eddie's life also becomes entwined with that of childhood friend Amanda, whom he unfailingly runs into every nine-and-a-half years, and every time he has just three dollars.
The novel and film are set largely in Melbourne, at a time when the policies of economic liberalisation was gaining credence in Australian politics and were arguably affecting many lives similarly to Eddie and Tanya. They explore the choices we make between what we have and what might be.



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