THE LONE RANGER Autographed poster signed by Jay Silverheels and Clayton Moore

Price: AUD $999.99

Autographed 30×41 framed color montage of Lone Ranger and Tonto images.
The poster has been personally signed by Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels. Color, 24×30. It includes copyrights from The Lone Ranger Television Inc., 1977 and The Nostalgia Merchant Inc in the lower border. A superb color montage of seven images and two drawings depicting Moore as the Lone Ranger and Silverheels as his faithful companion, Tonto. The TV series was incredibly popular between 1949 and 1956 and for years afterward the series reappeared in syndicated reruns.
Condition: Rolled, very good, some very slight silverfish marks in the lower rh corner.
This poster was one in a series of 24" X 30" limited edition posters produced by Hollywood based company, The Art Merchant, a subsidiary of The Nostalgia Merchant – between 1977 and 1982.  They were instigated by the company's founder, legendary record producer, "Snuff" Garrett.
There were four prints featuring multiple signature in the series:
The Stars of Republic,
The Stars of 20th Century Fox, The Lone Ranger (signed by Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels)
The Wizard of Oz (signed by Ray Bolger and Jack Haley).
Single signature prints were:
Tarzan (signed by Johnny Weissmuller), 
Flash Gordon (signed by Buster Crabbe),
Shirley Temple, Roy Rogers, Mae West and Burt Reynolds. 
Editions varied from 1200 to 2000 and each signature on every poster was individually hand signed by the celebrity, who were compensated for their participation. The process was quite arduous took any where from 5 1/2 hours to 2 days, though the average signing time was about seven hours.  


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