SQUATTERS DAUGHTER Original Long Daybill Movie 1930’s Ken G.Hall

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Original mid 1930s release Australian daybill 15" x 40" folded as issued fine – very fine condition, light additional creases.
I have heard of another full colour version that was also released for this title which may pre date this one. I have yet to see an image of this daybill so I am not 100% certain as to whether it actually does exist or is just thought to exist. There is also a duotone version which would have been issued in the mid 1930s also. The long daybills were all released in the 1930s and it is likely that three different "long" daybills exist for this title.


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The Squatter's Daughter (1933)

Directed by Ken G. Hall.

With Constance Worth, Grant Lyndsay, John Warwick, Fred MacDonald, W. Lane-Bayliff, Dorothy Dunckley, Owen Ainley, Cathleen Esler, George Cross, Claude Turton, George Lloyd, Les Warton, Katie Towers, Will Gilbert, Victor Knight

The Squatter's Daughter is a 1933 Australian melodrama starring Jocelyn Howarth directed by Ken G. Hall. One of the most popular Australian movies of the 1930s, it is based on a 1907 play by Bert Bailey and Edmund Duggan which had been previously filmed in 1910.