SEVEN and DOMINIQUE British Quad Movie poster Double Feature

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Original Double Bill British Quad Movie Poster 30" x 40" folded as issued (see scan), very good – fine  condition, minor edge and fold wear.


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Dominique (1979)

Directed by Michael Anderson.

With Cliff Robertson, Jean Simmons, Jenny Agutter, Simon Ward

The wife of a greedy man comes back to haunt him after he scares her to death in this horror-thriller. He is after her money and must try several times before he finally succeeds. Because she is mentally exhausted from being frightened all the time, she commits suicide, but soon the husband begins experiencing her ghostly presence.


Seven (1979)
Director: Andy Sidaris
Writers: Robert Baird, William Driskill 
Stars: William Smith, Barbara Leigh, Guich Koock 


Hawaii has fallen under the control of a ruthless cartel of seven gangsters. The FBI acquires the services of an ex-agent turned assassin Drew Savano (William Smith) who in turn assemble a team of seven hitmen to stop them.



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