ROLLING THUNDER Surfing Movie Flyer 1991 Scott Dittrich Red

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Original Australian Surfing Movie Flyer approx 6" x 8", fine – very fine condition, printed on both sides with Australian screening details.


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Rolling Thunder (1991)
Produced and directed by Scott Dittrich
Starring Robbie, and Ian Abercrombie as Uncle Robbie.

The time is 50 years from now, in the Australian outback. A small band of survivors cling to what's left of their shattered world in a sheltering cave. The children of this society can only listen in awe as one of the 'old-timers', Uncle Robbie, tells them of the wonderful time before the oceans died, when the water was clear and full of life, when men actually rode the mightiest of waves. This is a pop movie that combines state of the art action footage, current music, breathtaking scenery, and superb camera work.



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