RENFREW OF THE ROYAL MOUNTED Long Daybill Movie poster 1937 James Newill Canada

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Original Australian hand litho long daybill approximately 15" x 40", linen backed, good – very good condition, edge and fold wear, a couple of tape repairs on the back (see enlarged photo). NOTE: This is a rare "full bleed" long daybill where the artwork extends to the edges on all sides.
"Long" daybills were produced in Australia until 1941 when they were replaced by the more familiar smaller format.


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Renfrew of the Royal Mounted (1937)

Directed by Albert Herman.

With James Newill, Carol Hughes, William Royle, Herbert Corthell

Counterfeit bills are being printed in Canada and shipped across the border hidden in blocks of ice. When the counterfeiters force engraver Bronson to make a new plate, he inscribes a tiny help message on it. Renfrew catches a henchman who has one of the new bills. A magnifying glass lets him read the message and he heads out alone to round up the counterfeiters.



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