FLIGHT OF THE LOST BALLOON One Sheet Movie Poster Jules Verne Marshall Thompson

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EXCEPTIONALLY RARE Original hand litho Australian one sheet 27" x 40" folded as issued, very good condition, minor edge and fold wear (see enlarged photo).
This poster comes from a collection of movie posters recently discovered in an old shed on a farm in country Victoria. The posters range from 1930s – 1960s and cover a wide range of genres and styles. Condition varies on the posters as they were not stored with care but linen backing would address any issues that they may have.


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Flight of the Lost Balloon (1961)

Directed by Nathan H. Juran.

With Mala Powers, Marshall Thompson

Flight of the Lost Balloon is a 1961 film produced, written and directed by Nathan Juran that was filmed in Puerto Rico. It stars Mala Powers and Marshall Thompson with the working title being Cleopatra and the Cyclops.
The film was inspired by Jules Verne's Five Weeks in a Balloon and beat the major Irwin Allen film release of the book to the cinemas. However the name of Jules Verne was dropped and was nowhere to be found in the credits, though the name of Verne's balloon, the Victoria remained.
As a promotional gimmick people who bought tickets for the film were given a "motion sickness pill".



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