DARWIN WAS RIGHT Long Daybill Movie poster 1924 Lewis Seiler

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Original hand litho Australian Long daybill movie poster approximately 15" x 40" folded as issued good – very good condition, minor edge wear with some edge tears and an edge chip, screening details added in top white section (see scan for condition and any defects).


Very little, if anything, has ever been seen on this title.


"Long" daybills were produced in Australia until 1941 when they were replaced by the more familiar smaller format.


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Darwin Was Right (1924) Slient Cinema

Directed by Lewis Seiler.

With Nell Brantley, George O'Hara, Stanley Blystone, Dan Mason.

A special six reel monkey comedy, featuring Max, Moritz and Pep, the human monkeys showing at the Princess Theatre on Saturday is the latest Fox production to hit the bull's' eye of popularity.
Lewis Seiler, the director, has made these intelligent apes perform feats of acting that are almost uncanny. It is hard to believe that any animal could be trained to such a remarkable degree. The plot of this picture is intriguing and when not roaring with laughter a spectator is apt to find himself on the edge of his seat so
great is the suspense. While our little hairy, brothers are. the featured .players, there is a superb supporting cast of humans who play their parts with skill and finish.



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