BEDSIDE DENTIST ’71 Ole Soltoft SEXPLOITATION daybill Movie Poster


Bedside Dentist (1971) aka Danish Dentist on the Job (1971) aka Tandlaege pa Sengekanten (1971)
John Hilbard Danish sexploitation comedy
Starring Ole Soltoft, Birte Tove, Annie Birgit Garde, and Carl Ottosen.
ORIGINAL Australian daybill 13" x 30" folded as issued, very good – fine condition, pinholes in the corners. This poster is one of a number that I have listed from obscure 60s and 70s Sexploitation/Trash "C" grade movies. Many were European made films that were retitled for the Australian release. The images were generally taken from US or European posters and some had the artwork retouched with strategically placed garments added prior to printing due to censorship laws.




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