BARRY MCKENZIE HOLDS HIS OWN British Quad Movie poster Barry Humphries

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Original British Quad Movie Poster 30" x 40" folded as issued (see scan), very good – fine condition.


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Barry McKenzie Holds His Own (1974)

Directed by Bruce Beresford.

With Barry Humphries, Dick Bentley, Barry Crocker, Donald Pleasence

Barry McKenzie Holds His Own is the 1974 sequel to the 1972 Australian comedy film The Adventures of Barry McKenzie.
Returning from the original film is Barry Crocker in the title role, as well as Barry Humphries in the role of Barry's aunt, Dame Edna. Also returning in the director's chair is Bruce Beresford. The then Prime Minister of Australia, Gough Whitlam, along with his wife Margaret Whitlam, made cameo appearances as themselves.
Barry Humphries contends that Barry McKenzie was an inspiration for the later film Crocodile Dundee.



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