A COLD WIND IN AUGUST Daybill Movie Poster 1961 Lola Albright Australian Daybill

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Original Australian Daybill 13" x 30 folded as issued, fine – very fine condition.


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A Cold Wind in August (1961)

Directed by Alexander Singer.

With Scott Marlowe, Lola Albright, Ann Atmar, Janet Brandt, Jana Taylor, Clarke Gordon, Skip Young, Joe De Santis

A Cold Wind in August is a low-budget independent film directed by Alexander Singer and adapted from the eponymous novel by Burton Wohl. The film stars a Lola Albright as a mentally unbalanced burlesque show stripper in her thirties who becomes involved in a torrid romance with a 17-year old boy played by Scott Marlowe. In reality, Marlowe was only seven years Albright's junior.



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