MY PAL GUS One Sheet Movie Poster Richard Widmark Joanne Dru

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EXCEPTIONALLY RARE Original hand litho Australian one sheet 27" x 40" folded as issued very good condition, fold wear with paper loss along the lower foldline at the lh border and a couple of small holes (see enlarged photo).
This poster comes from a collection of movie posters recently discovered in an old shed on a farm in country Victoria. The posters range from 1930s – 1960s and cover a wide range of genres and styles. Condition varies on the posters as they were not stored with care but linen backing would address any issues that they may have.


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My Pal Gus (1952)

Directed by Robert Parrish.

With Joanne Dru, Ludwig Donath, Richard Widmark, Audrey Totter, Regis Toomey, Joan Banks, George Winslow

My Pal Gus is a 1952 comedy-drama film which follows Gus who is the young son of divorced industrialist Dave Jennings. Unable to cope with Gus' mischievous streak, Jennings places the boy in a day-care center. Gus' teacher Lydia Marble manages to curb the boy's prankishness, and along the way falls in love with Jennings. Enter the villainess of the piece: Jennings' ex-wife Joyce, who claims that the divorce is invalid and demands a huge sum from Jennings, lest she claim custody of Gus.



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