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LAWMAN Original 3 Sheet Movie Poster Burt Lancaster

Price: AUD $99.99
Brand: 3 sheets
Original hand litho Australian three sheet approximately 40" x 80" folded as issued, folded as issued, good - very good condition, edge wear and fold wear, with small holes/paper loss along the foldlines and some cross point separation (see enlarged photo). This three sheet is in three separate panels.
The poster comes from a collection of three sheet movie posters recently discovered in country Victoria. Some of the three sheets in the collection had the panels glued together so they could be easily displayed and this will be specifed in the condition description. Condition varies on the posters as they are very large posters but they display well. Linen backing would easily address any issues that they may have.
NOTE: Australian three sheets were printed in very small quantities and few have survived. These posters are among the rarest of all Australian posters.
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Lawman (1971)

Directed by Michael Winner.

With Burt Lancaster, Lee J. Cobb, Robert Ryan, Robert Duvall, Ralph Waite, Richard Jordan, J. D. Cannon, Joseph Wiseman, John McGiver, Wilford Brimley, Tina Carter, Jacqueline Evans, Conrad Hool, Lance Hool, Laila Novak, Sheree North, Albert Salmi, William Watson, Walter Brooke, Robert Emhardt

Lawman is a 1971 American Western film starring Burt Lancaster, Robert Ryan, Lee J. Cobb, and Robert Duvall.
The film is about the quest of a lone peace officer, Marshal Jared Maddox, to bring several men to justice. It was written by Gerry Wilson and directed by Michael Winner.
Its hero and the motives of the other characters are not as defined or clear-cut as in some Westerns. Cobb's character, Vincent Bronson, is not a typically evil cattle baron but is portrayed with a sense of humanity. The marshal and the guilty men nevertheless come to a series of deadly confrontations. Maddox can be seen as an anti-hero dedicated to upholding the law regardless of any extraneous code of honor, or any personal happiness. The plot generates questions regarding honor and under what circumstances murder becomes legal.
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