DEVIL’S POINT One Sheet Movie Poster Richard Arlen Devil’s Harbor

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EXCEPTIONALLY RARE Original hand litho Australian one sheet 27" x 40" folded as issued fair – good condition, the poster has darkened a little with age. When it was printed it looks like it might have been folded a little too quickly and there is slight printing residue from top to bottom. There is some fold separation at the center fold with slight paper loss (see enlarged photo). Despite the defects, the poster displays well and is incredibly scarce.
This poster comes from a collection of movie posters recently discovered in an old shed on a farm in country Victoria. The posters range from 1930s – 1960s and cover a wide range of genres and styles. Condition varies on the posters as they were not stored with care but linen backing would address any issues that they may have.


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Devil's Point (1954) 

Director: Montgomery Tully 

Writer: Charles Deane 

Stars: Richard Arlen, Greta Gynt, Donald Houston

Based on how far out of the socket the long arm of coincidence is stretched in this film, it is a lot closer to a Tex Avery cartoon then it is any kind of film noir genre.



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