TV TIMES MAGAZINE Johnny O’Keefe Queensland

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TV TIMES MAGAZINE Johnny O'Keefe Brisbane
This issue of TV Times is one of a number of the popular magazines that I will be listing. All of the magazines were issued for the weekly TV programmes in Brisbane, Queensland and the covers featured photos of the most popular TV shows of the era.
These magazines are now exceptionally hard to find and have some fascinating photos, articles and insights into Australian television. Condition on each magazine is very good with, in most cases, the name of the person who originally received the magazine written neatly on the cover.
It is interesting to see that the programme on some stations for 1961 at 12.00 in the afternoon was for "Test Pattern and Music" until the main programming commenced later that day. How times have changed.
There were three channels in Brisbane in this era, BTQ7, QTQ9 and  the ABC Channel 2. All of the weeks programmes were listed along with the local radio stations programming.
These magazines now provide an important historical record of the early years of Australian TV.


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