GOOFY AND WILBUR Original Long Daybill Movie poster VERY RARE Disney

Price: AUD $2,750.00

Original Australian hand litho long daybill approximately 15" x 40", linen backed, very good – fine condition (see enlarged photo).
"Long" daybills were produced in Australia until 1941 when they were replaced by the more familiar smaller format.


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Goofy and Wilbur (1939)

Directed by Dick Huemer.

With George Johnson

Goofy goes fishing in a rowing boat without a rod, just a net and live bait, namely Wilbur, a tame grasshopper, who actively lures fish to be caught at approach of the boat. The insect's life repeatedly depends on ever-unreliable Goofy saving brave Wilbur when he gets tricked in turn and is eaten by a fish, a frog and even that frog in turn by a stork, requiring some quirky chasing on goofy rescue mission...



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