WORLD’S GREATEST CIRCUS STARS Lobby Card 2 Oleg Popov Russian Circus Lion Tamer

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Original US Lobby Card 11" x 14", very good – fine condition (see enlarged scan for condition).


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Artisty Tsirka aka The World's Greatest Circus Stars 1960

L. Kristy Soviet Union Russian big top circus performer melodrama

Featuring Oleg Popov the clown ("Popov the world's funniest most famed clown"), Vladimir Durov, Alexandre Serge, Vladimir Doveyko, Margarita Nazarova, and Constantinovsky and other Soviet Union circus sensations of the time. This movie was distributed by Paramount at the request of the United States State Department because of the cultural exchange agreement with the Soviet Union!


"For the first time America can thrill to The Greatest International Circus Stars!"

"The clown with world renown! Dancing bears swing in the ROCK 'n' RIP! The world's most fearless animal trainers face the jungle's most fearsome beasts! Twirling tumblers! Joyous jugglers! 1001 new heart-stopping thrills!"

"The world's greatest Circus Stars!";

"The clown prince of two continents! World's wildest wild animal act! Fantastic dancing bears with savage rhythms!";

"At last America can cheer the greatest international circus thrills!"




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