STORM OVER THE NILE Original Lobby card 3 1956 Anthony Steel Laurence Harvey

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Storm Over the Nile (1955)
Directed by Zoltan Korda, Terence Young.
Stars Anthony Steel, Laurence Harvey, James Robertson Justice, Mary Ure.
Original US Lobby Card 11" x 14", very good condition, minor edge wear (see scan).


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  1. Anonymous

    To make up the numbers of white men to play the British troops the locally based British soldiers were used as extras.

  2. Anonymous

    Shortly after the film’s release the Sudan became independent on 1 January 1956, as agreed by the United Kingdom and Egypt in the Anglo-Egyptian Treaty of 1954.

  3. Anonymous

    Terence Young and Zoltan Korda used, verbatim, R.C. Sherriff’s script for The Four Feathers (1939) in this remake, as well as some footage from the that earlier film, which Korda had directed.


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