SERENGETI Lobby Card 6 Bernhard Grzimek Documentary Africa Academy Award winner

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RARE original US lobby card 11" x 14" very good used condition, pinholes in the corners (See enlarged photo).


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Serengeti Shall Not Die (1959)

Directed by Bernhard Grzimek.

Serengeti Shall Not Die is a 1959 German documentary film written and directed by Bernhard Grzimek.
His son, the cinematographer Michael Grzimek, died on-location during the filming of the documentary when a plane he piloted collided with a vulture.


"Raw! Brutal! Fang and claw fury of the great jungle shocker of all time"

"The Academy Award Winner!"; "Real! Authentic!"

"Africa... untamed!"; "Savage Africa in the raw!"

"Shocks like the rip of a bloody claw!"; "Poison arrow warriors...tracked down!"

"Thundering attack...of a frenzied rhino!"

"Primitive customs...unashamed!"

"SEE: butchering lions strike with fang and claw!"

"SEE: the naked jungle paradise of primitive women!"

"SEE: hand-to-hand combat with poison-arrow warriors!"

"SEE: the thundering attack of a frenzied rhino!"; "The naked jungle paradise of primitive women!""Hand-to-hand combat with poison-arrow warriors! The thundering attack of a frenzied rhino!"

"All real! All authentic!"

"Filmed in the green hell of the African jungles"

"Filmed in the green hell of the African Jungle in Spectacular COLOR"

Winner of the Best Documentary Academy Award



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