GOG Original Lobby Card 4 Richard Egan Constance Dowling Herbert Marshall Sci fi

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Original US Lobby card, 11" x 14" fine – very fine condition (see enlarged photo)..


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G.O.G. Frankenstein of Steel (also released as "GOG, The Killer") 1954 aka GOG

Directed by Herbert L. Strock 

Starring Richard Egan, Constance Dowling, Herbert Marshall, John Wengraf, Philip Van Zandt 


Science fiction (sci-fi) robot monster horror thriller ("Frankenstein of Steel"; "...and then, without warning, the machine became a Frankenstein of steel!"; "Thrill to miracles of science beyond imagination"; "...sound that can kill! ...light that melts steel!"; "...cold that brings immortality!"; "...men and women lighter than air!"; "...an electronic miracle brain!"; "...robots that think!"; "...a station in space!"; "and the incredible moment when THE MACHINES DESTROY THE MAKERS!"; "Built to serve man... it could think a thousand times faster! Move a thousand times faster! Kill a thousand times faster ...Then suddenly it became a Frankenstein of steel!"; "Based on a story by Ivan Tors")



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