2010 1984 Roy Scheider RARE Lobby card

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Original US lobby card 11" x 14" very good – fine condition (see scan).


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2010 (1984)

Directed by Peter Hyams.

With Roy Scheider, John Lithgow, Helen Mirren, Bob Balaban, Keir Dullea, Douglas Rain, Candice Bergen, Madolyn Smith, Dana Elcar, Herta Ware, Elya Baskin, Arthur C. Clarke, Jan Tříska, Victor Steinbach, James McEachin, Taliesin Jaffe, Mary Jo Deschanel, Savely Kramarov, Oleg Rudnik, Vladimir Skomarovsky

2010 is a 1984 American science fiction film written and directed by Peter Hyams. It is a sequel to Stanley Kubrick's 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey, and is based on Arthur C. Clarke's novel 2010: Odyssey Two.
Roy Scheider, Helen Mirren, Bob Balaban and John Lithgow star, along with Keir Dullea and Douglas Rain of the cast of the previous film.



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