STATE POLICE Long Daybill Movie poster 1938 William Lundigan

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Original Australian hand litho long daybill approximately 15" x 40" , folded as issued, fair – good condition, many edge tearsthe bottom lh corner area was separated slightly and was repaired on the back with archival tape (see enlarged photo). Despite the defects, all of the artwork is intact. The poster was printed by Marchant & Co famous for their photo lithos.
"Long" daybills were produced in Australia until 1941 when they were replaced by the more familiar smaller format. Long daybills varied in widths from approximately 15 inches wide x approximately 40 inches in height. The measurements given in the descriptions are appoximate to the nearest inch.


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State Police 1938

Directed by John Rawlins 

 Starring John 'Dusty' King, William Lundigan, Constance Moore, Larry Blake, J. Farrell MacDonals and David Oliver