DAMON AND PYTHIAS Daybill Movie poster Guy Williams Don Burnett

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EXCEPTIONALLY RARE Original hand litho daybill 13" x 30" folded as issued, very good condition, light foxing marks on the back (see enlarged photo).


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Il Tiranno di Siracusa aka "Damon and Pythias" aka "The Tyrant of Syracuse" 1962

Directed by Curtis Bernhardt U.S./Italian sword-and-sandal adventure epic

"World-famed story of friendship and fury!";

"VIOLENCE! Damon attacks Pythias and tries to rob him!"

"DISASTER! Pursuers plunge to doom as Damon slashes a rope bridge!"

"SACRIFICE! Damon is saved by the heroism of Pythias!"

"SEPARATION! The bride of Pythias begs him not to risk his life!"

"Spectacular in Color!"; "The stirring, spectacular story of the Tyrant of Syracuse"

Based on the famous Greek legend of the two best friends who risked their lives for each other) starring Guy Williams (in the title role as Damon), Don Burnett (in the title role as Pythias), Ilaria Occhini (billed as "introducing Ilaria Occhini"), Liana Orfei, Marina Berti, Arnoldo Foa, and Carlo Giustini



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