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WENDY AND LUCY One Sheet Movie Poster Michelle Williams

RARE Original Australian one sheet 27" x 40" rolled, fine - very fine condition (see enlarged photo).
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Wendy and Lucy (2008)

Directed by Kelly Reichardt.

With Will Oldham, Larry Fessenden, John Robinson, Will Patton, Michelle Williams, John Breen, Deneb Catalan, Ayanna Berkshire, Wally Dalton

"The degree to which Wendy and Lucy slowly-but-surely grows on the viewer is nothing short of astounding, as the movie suffers from an opening half hour that's almost mind-numbing in its uneventfulness. Michelle Williams stars as Wendy, a downtrodden young woman who's heading to Alaska in search of work accompanied by her dog Lucy - with the pair's journey interrupted by an unfortunate series of events in Oregon that culminate in Lucy's disappearance. There's not a whole lot more to the story than that; director and co-screenwriter Kelly Reichardt generally places the emphasis on sequences of Wendy looking for Lucy, with the monotony of the character's pursuit periodically broken by her encounters with a series of off-kilter yet surprisingly memorable figures (Wally Dalton's unnamed security guard surely ranks high among the film's supporting characters). The film's turning point comes with an expectedly idiosyncratic turn from Will Patton as a sympathetic mechanic, as the actor effectively pulls the viewer into the proceedings and it subsequently becomes difficult not to sympathize with Wendy's increasingly desperate efforts at tracking down her beloved pooch. Williams' quietly spellbinding performance certainly plays a significant role in the film's ultimate success, and while it's admittedly not too difficult to guess at where all this is going, Wendy and Lucy's lower-than-low-key sensibilities ensure that one inevitably winds up with an unexpectedly strong attachment towards both central characters."
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