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RUSSIAN ROULETTE Original Daybill Movie Poster George Segal Cristina Raines

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Original Australian Daybill Movie poster approximately 13" x 30" folded as issued, very good - fine condition (see enlarged photo for condition).
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Russian Roulette (1975)

Directed by Lou Lombardo.

With George Segal, Cristina Raines, Bo Brundin, Denholm Elliott

During the 1970s, on the eve of Soviet leader's official visit to Canada, the Soviet Ambassy alerts the Canadian authorities to the existence of a Latvian immigrant who may plan to kill the visiting Soviet leader.The Soviets explain that Latvian immigrant Rudolf Henke is bitter over Latvia's treatment by the USSR and that he may attempt to assassinate the visiting Soviet leader in Vancouver, Canada.The Soviets request that Henke be kidnapped by the Canadian police to prevent him from any wrongdoing.Commander Petapiece of the Special Branch of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police assigns Corporal Tim Shaver to kidnap Rudolf Henke.This seems to be the only solution since the Canadian government fears political backlash from publicly detaining such a high profile political agitator without any concrete evidence of criminal activity from his part.The Canadians want to accommodate the Soviet requests in order to keep good bilateral relations with the USSR.When Corporal Tim Shaver of the RCMP breaks into Rudolf Henke's apartment, he finds the bathtub running, a record player in use and traces of blood leading to an open back window.But there is no trace of Henke.Corporal Tim Shaver must find Rudolf Henke before it's too late.

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