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Original Australian daybill 13" x 26" folded as issued, fine – very fine condition, title written neatly on the back border but does not show through.


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Daniel (1983)

Directed by Sidney Lumet.

With Timothy Hutton, Mandy Patinkin, Lindsay Crouse, Ed Asner, Peter Friedman, Lee Richardson, Tovah Feldshuh, Joseph Leon, Carmen Mathews, Norman Parker, Julie Bovasso, Ellen Barkin, Amanda Plummer, John Rubinstein, Colin Stinton, Maria Tucci, Rita Zohar, Ilan Mitchell-Smith, Jena Greco, Dael Cohen

Daniel is a 1983 film which was adapted by E. L. Doctorow from his novel The Book of Daniel. It was directed by Sidney Lumet.
The film was based on the life story of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who were convicted as spies and executed by the United States government in 1953 for giving nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union. This story follows their fictionalized son as he attempts to find out the truth.
Paul and Rochelle Isaacson are played by Mandy Patinkin and Lindsay Crouse. Their son Daniel is played by Timothy Hutton, his wife Phyllis by Ellen Barkin, and their daughter Susan by Amanda Plummer. In actuality the Rosenbergs had two sons, Michael and Robert.
Ed Asner also stars.



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