SMITHY aka PACIFIC ADVENTURE Movie Poster 1946 Ken G. Hall KINGSFORD SMITH Rare Original US One sheet

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Smithy (1946) aka Pacific Adventure (USA), Southern Cross (UK).
Director: Ken G. Hall
Ron Randell as Charles Kingsford-Smith, Muriel Steinbeck, John Tate, Joy Nichols, Nan Taylor, John Dunne, Alec Kellaway, Joe Valli.


VERY RARE Original US one sheet 27" x 41" good – very good condition, foldline tears pinholes, tape on the back to reinforce the foldlines, hairline tears in the paper through Muriel Steinbecks eyes but all intact. The poster would benefit from linen backing but displays quite well as is. 
This film was an important record of an Australian classic Aviation film depicting the life of Charles Kingsford Smith and his exploits in the Southern Cross.
This is a truly magnificent poster, by far the best artwork available for this title but, sadly, exceptionally rare.


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