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VERY RARE vintage autograph signed by John Paddy Carstairs famed British Director.

When purchasing autographs you should always look for provenance. Many sellers of autographs have big problems providing provenance and it is a sad reality that fakes abound on the internet.
This autograph has wonderful provenance. It came from the collection of Julian Holloway (Stanley Holloway’s son). Stanley Holloway had a distinguished career on stage and screen and starred in My Fair Lady with Audrey Hepburn. He helped his son accumulate a collection of autographs that included some of the great actors and actresses.
I acquired the collection about 10 years ago and it included this autograph by John Paddy Carstairs inscibed "To Junior (aka Julian Holloway) Thanks for asking me John Paddy Carstairs".
Filmography: Paris Plane (1933) Holiday’s End (1937) Double Exposures (1937) Night Ride (1937) Missing, Believed Married (1937) Incident in Shanghai (1938) Lassie from Lancashire (1938) The Saint in London (1939) All Hands (1940) Meet Maxwell Archer (1940) Now You’re Talking (1940) The Second Mr. Bush (1940) Dangerous Comment (1940) Telefootlers (1941) He Found a Star (1941) Spare a Copper (1941) Dancing with Crime (1947) Sleeping Car to Trieste (1948) Fools Rush In (1949) The Chiltern Hundreds (1949) Tony Draws a Horse (1950) Talk of a Million (1951) Made in Heaven (1952) Treasure Hunt (1952) Top of the Form (1953) Trouble in Store (1953) Up to His Neck (1954) One Good Turn (1955) Man of the Moment (1955) Jumping for Joy (1956) Up in the World (1956) Just My Luck (1957) The Big Money (1958) The Square Peg (1959) Tommy the Toreador (1959) Sands of the Desert (1960) A Weekend with Lulu (1961) The Devil’s Agent (1962)
If you dont have provenance you are wasting your time purchasing an autograph. This is a rare example of an autograph that is unquestionaly authentic.


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