RUMPOLE OF THE BAILEY Leo McKern Peter Bowles ORIGINAL PBS Movie Still Photo 9

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Rumpole of the Bailey (TV Series 1978 – 1992)
The cases of a portly and eccentric criminal law barrister.
Starring Leo McKern as Horace Rumpole, Jonathan Coy as Henry, Julian Curry as Claude Erskine-Brown, Marion Mathie as Hilda Rumpole, Richard Murdoch as Uncle Tom, Maureen Derbyshire as Dianne – Secretary, Peter Blythe as Samuel ‘Soapy Sam’ Ballard, Q.C., Peggy Thorpe-Bates as Hilda Rumpole, Peter Bowles as Guthrie Featherstone, QC MP, Patricia Hodge as Phyllida ‘Portia’ Erskine-Brown, Joanna Van Gyseghem as Marigold Featherstone, Denis Lill as Mr. Bernard, Abigail McKern as Elizabeth ‘Mizz Liz’ Probert, Denys Graham as Percy Hoskins, Moray Watson as George Frobisher, Robin Bailey as Judge Gerald Graves, Christopher Milburn as Dave Inchcape, Eric Dodson … Jack Pommeroy, Bill Fraser as Judge Roger ‘The Mad Bull’ Bullingham, James Grout as Mr. Justice Ollie Oliphant, Rosalyn Landor as Fiona Allways, Samantha Bond as Liz Probert.
Original  Australian 8" x 10" PBS Movie Still Photo, very good – fine condition.


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