NICKEL QUEEN Daybill Movie Poster GOOGIE WITHERS John Laws

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Original Country of Origin Australian Daybill Movie Poster 13" x 30" very good – fine condition, additional creases (See scan).


Nickel Queen (1971)

Directed by John McCallum.

With Googie Withers, John Laws, Alfred Sandor, Ed Devereaux, Peter Gwynne, Doreen Warburton, Tom Oliver, Ross Thompson, Joanna McCallum, Eileen Colocott, Maurice Ogden, Mas Masters, Christine Mearing, Sue Hartley, Tasma Michael

Nickel Queen was an Australian comedy film released in 1971 starring Googie Withers and directed by her husband John McCallum. The story was loosely based on the Poseidon bubble, a nickel boom in Western Australia in the late 1960s, and tells of an outback pub owner who stakes a claim and finds herself an overnight millionaire.



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