ON OUR SELECTION 1932 Dad and Dave Ken G. Hall RARE Movie Herald

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On Our Selection (1932) aka Down on the Farm
Directed by Ken G. Hall.
Stars Bert Bailey as Dad Rudd, Fred MacDonald as Dave Rudd, Alfreda Bevan, John McGowan.
Original Australian Movie herald approx 8" x 11" folded once very fine condition, printed front and back. Art by Dempsey.


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  1. Anonymous

    On Our Selection was an enormous success at the box office, being among the top four most popular films in Australian cinemas in 1932 had earned earning £46,000 in Australia and New Zealand by the end of 1933. By the end of 1934 the film had made an estimated profit of £23,200 and Bailey had earned an estimate £14,000.
    On Our Selection was continually revived over the next two decades and by 1953 had earned an estimated £60,000. The profits were split 50-50 between Cinesound Productions and the theatrical partnership of Bert Bailey and James Grant. (In 1938 Hall estimated that 70% of the film’s income had been earned in country regions.)
    The movie was bought for release in the UK by Universal for £1,000 and was retitled Down on the Farm on the grounds that the British would not know what a “selection” was. Critical response was poor, the Era claiming that “Australia’s idea of what constitutes good comedy an obvious caricature of a typical bush homestead, is only likely to please an unsophisticated audience over here.” It achieved 500 bookings throughout the country.


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