Australasian Post Magazine Aug 25 1990 Mark Mitchell at Rock Bottom

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Australasian Post Magazine, very good condition for its age, minor wear. 
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Australasian Post later to be remaned as Aussie Post, became Australia’s longest-running weekly picture magazine.
The iconic magazine started on Saturday 3 January 1857 with a focus on sport. In 1864, the weekly newspaper The Australasian was launched in Australia and New Zealand with less emphasis on sport.
The Australasian was read by millions at the height of its popularity in the 60s and 70s, and features a uniquely Australian basic format mix of scandal, sensationalism, human interest stories, fashion, politics, culture and entertainment. It appeared as standard reading matter in barber shops across the country.
The magazine, produced on cheap quality paper, focused heavily on Australiana in a basic easy to read format with large photos and pages of jokes and cartoons, including the Ettamogah Pub series by cartoonist Ken Maynard and the famous Crossword Puzzle.
In the late 60s Australasian Post began to regularly feature Bikini cover girls, usually wholesome girls next door who were not professional models. In the late 70s the covers became more risque to reflect the times and fashions that included crocheted bikinis, lace up shorts and sexy tops. The Bikini cover girl and titilation articles helped the circulation rise to an all time high in the late 70s and early 80s.
The magazine started to develop a tired look in the late 80s and early 90s as other more sophisticated magazines became more popular. In the mid 90s the bikini girl was taken off the cover but this did not help boost the circulation. The magazine was renamed Aussie Post in 1997.
The magazine ended on 2 February 2002 unable to adapt to the changing times but it remains the longest-running continuously-published magazine in Australia.




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