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CONDITION – How I Grade posters:
I am fairly conservative with my condition gradings. To me "very good" should mean just that – no major flaws or unwanted surprises.  Many dealers hide behind ridiculous gradings to disguise poor condition. Some use "very good" to be the lowest end of the scale with five or six higher gradings. I rarely sell any posters that are in poor or damaged condition. You can always emailme for more detaialed information.
I use the "star" system from 1 (poor) – 5 (mint) as an additional quick guide to condition.
Here are my gradings:

VERY FINE – NEAR MINT: Unused, no flaws. As good as it gets.
VERY FINE: Unused, no flaws, possibly very slight edge wear from storage.
FINE – VERY FINE: Unused but May have minor wear.
FINE:  Basically unused, with the original folds and possibly very minor wear – no significant flaws, possibly minor signs of ageing.
VERY GOOD:  The usual folds but no paper loss, possibly some pinholes, and slight stains or minor edge wear or small tears.
GOOD: May have multiple pinholes and some staining, possibly some edge wear or minor tears but presentable for framing.
FAIR: Poster needing restoration with possible Paper loss, tears, staining and other defects but generally worh linen backing.
POOR: Major defects requiring extensive restoration. It is unlikely that a poster in this condition would appear on this site.
If you would like more a more detailed condition report on any poster on this site
If you have any problems or concerns about the order you have received send me an email within seven days of receipt of the item. You can see by my eBay feedback that I rarely have any problems but I will do the very best I can to resolve any issues.