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Christies Auction in London
I have always enjoyed attending the Christies Auctions at South Kensington in London. Christies has been a strong supporter of Movie Posters and have generally held at least two auctions per year for many years. Their auctions have not been without some occasional controversy and a degree of criticism for a number of issues including condition descriptions, shipping charges etc but they have consistently promoted Film and Entertainment Memorabilia and I hope that they continue successfully with their auctions.
Some of the (unconfirmed) results from their recent June auction……
61 How to Marry a Millionaire Quad (£400-600) £720
65 Some Like it Hot Quad (£400-600) £660
79 Sabrina French (£300-500) £900
83 Breakfast At Tiffany`s US Half Sheet (£800-1200) £1,320
106 For A Few Dollars More Japanese 1 Panel (£300-500) £576
107 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Japanese 1 Panel (£400-600) £720
120 Bullitt Quad (Style A) (£500-700) £1,320
122 The Party 40×60 (Style B) (£250-350) £660
126 Le Mans Quad (£300-500) £504
127 Get Carter Special US 1 Sheet (£1000-1500) £1680
128 A Clockwork Orange US 1 Sheet (Style B) (£3000-5000) £7,200
131 The Getaway Quad (1979 Re Release) (£300-500) £600
132 The Godfather Quad (£250-350) £360
134 Mean Streets Quad (Strausfeld) (£1000-1500) £1560
150 Belle De Jour French 31×24 (£350-550) £1020
157 Le Mepris French (£400-600) £1440
174 Dr. No US Half Sheet (£300-500) £360
180 Goldfinger Quad (Style A) (£1500-2000) £2040
186 Thunderball Quad (trimmed) (£400-600) £1200)
190 Casino Royale (1967) Quad (£300-500) £1140
202 A Hard Day`s Night Quad (£300-500) £900
209 Yellow Submarine Quad (£800-1200) £2160
248 Dial M For Murder Quad (£1000-1500) £3120
263 Star Wars Quad (Hildebrandt) (£400-600) £1020
267 Barbarella Japanese 1 Panel (£400-600) £1200
272 One Million Years B.C. Quad (Chantrell) (£250-350) £900
275 House on Haunted Hill US 1 Sheet (£250-400) £504
276 Creature Walks Among Us 1 Sheet (£800-1200) £576
281 Waking Dead French 63×94 (£2000-3000) £4560
282 Waking Dead French 63×47 (£1500-2000) £2040
284 Dracula`s Daughter French 63×94 (£2000-3000) £4200
285 Bride of Frankenstein French 63×94 (£10000-15000) £18000
288 King Kong Czech (£20000-30000) £18000
289 King Kong German (£30000-50000) £60000
Guides on Movie Posters
One of the strange quirks in the world of movie posters is that occasionally dealers who write guides get criticised for doing so.  I would have thought that surely it is better to have as much information out there as possible as opposed to no information at all. My motivation is simply to impart some of the information and experiences I have picked up over the years. Hopefully this will be of benefit to collectors.
Perhaps those who criticise the people who take the time and trouble to write useful guides should consider the importance of having accurate information out there to dispel some of the more dubious or mischievous attempts to mislead.
Let me know what you think….
Guide to Mad Max posters
Country of Origin Australian posters for Mad Max have often been misrepresented over the years on eBay and other websites. This is probably the result of a lack of knowledge rather than a deliberate attempt to deceive but I though it would be worth compiling a guide so that collectors and prospective buyers will be aware of what to look for. Some of the information comes from one of the biggest collectors of Mad Max memorabilia and I believe that it is as accurate as possible. If you have any more information that you think I should add please let me know and I will be happy to add it.
I also have general guides on Australian posters including details of New Zealand censorship on posters, James Bond Films, and Australian posters from the 20s to the 90s. You can find them all here…
Australian Move Poster Artists
Little is known about the artists for Australian movie posters. In many cases their work remains unsigned. Although it is certainly true that some posters feature very crude and almost childish artwork there are many examples of unique and striking hand litho images. I have started to compile a guide on what I know about Australian movie poster artists. This is a work in progress and I will hopefully add more information when I get the chance. I have started with some of the artists of the 20s and 30s including, of course, John Richardson who produced much of the artwork for the Richardson Studio posters.
I have added an Exhibition of Australian posters for Hammer films to the site along with my other Exhibitions of RKO posters, Richardson Studio posters, and Hitchcock posters. You can find them all here.
eBay Auctions
In recent weeks I have sold a large amount of posters and lobby cards on eBay with the majority of auctions starting at 4.99. It is interesting that many of my customers are dealers who have been purchasing posters for resale. There have been some real bargains including:
I have plenty of stock to liquidate so keep an eye on the auctions for some bargains.
You will also find over 3000 posters in my eBay Store
Retail Outlet
I have had a few retail outlets over the years but they have generally been a bit of a luxury and never really produced a great deal of income. It is a pity that many of the shops, or sections of antique galleries that sell movie posters have pretty much disappeared in Australia. I had a small gallery of posters and memorabilia in the Sanctuary Cove Antique Gallery for over 10 years but when it was recently refurbished I moved everything out. I have started to move a small amount back into the gallery so that at least some posters will now be on display. I also have some plans to start retailing movie posters in a storefront on a much larger scale in the not too distant future. It is always good to be able to actually see and touch the goods rather than rely on descriptions and sometimes dodgy photos.
I recently introduced a Blog section on the website and will try to post some fairly regular Blogs and details of any Movie Poster News along with details of my eBay auctions. Feel free to contribute any comments.
This Website
I continue to add new listings and categories on this website and recently purchased an important collection of very rare Long Daybills. I will be adding these to the site in the weeks ahead.
My Radio Program
If you ever get to the Gold Coast or Northern New South Wales, I have a radio program twice a week on 94.1fm – Monday 12-3pm and Saturday 3-6pm.
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Best regards to all
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